Tax: straight to the target !

The documentation requested from the tax authorities continually grows, the overall tax rates are going upwards, the Swiss and foreign tax law provisions proliferate and are becoming very complex, reputation and morality are getting crucial for all companies.

For the private as well as corporate clients, the help of a tax advisor is now often necessary to optimize the tax burden or, simply, just to make sure to be fully tax compliant.

Under the supervision of seasoned Swiss certified tax experts, our specialists will :

  • file your tax returns, as well as the VAT, local tax, withholding tax, property capital gains, stamp duty tax and other return
  • help you find solutions to the complex tax problems you submit them, in respect with all legal provisions, in order to set up perennial structures and set-ups
  • assist you in the relation with the tax and legal authorities, in good faith , whether to obtain rulings, during the taxation or the litigation procedures (claims)

Their know-how is based on a large experience and wide knowledge of the tax, commercial, inheritance and property laws, as well as of business and management: a global expertise of all these aspects is necessary to provide the best tax advice.


Your financial statements need to be flawless and reviewed by an expert.

Our signature on the audit report certifies that your financial statements are faultless. Therefore, it is with full confidence that you can:

  • publish your figures to your shareholders, your management, your banker and to the tax authority
  • be focused on the management and development of your company
  • The quality and efficiency of our controls are key for the respect of your audit budget

On top, the experience and long term vision of your audit managers will bring a real added value aside of the legal obligation of auditing your accounts.

The strengthening of the accounting regulatory regime is a constant challenge for you and your auditor – a continuous follow-up is a must: we help you to analyse the impacts on your business and take the appropriate measures.

As audit experts licenced by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority, our expertise as certified public accountants and experienced auditors has constantly to be sharpened with ongoing technical training: coupled with the in-depth knowledge of your business, we ensure thus a perfect audit of your financial statements.

We also complete any kind of special audits, for instance in case of M&As, restructurings or capital increases.


What gets measured gets done !

If you can measure it, you can manage it !

We fully agree: the regular "measurement" of your business – i.e. your accounting –is essential for you: whether your annual or intermediate closing, your cost accounting, the follow-up of your budgets and cost controlling, a dashboard or your cash flow statement. All these measurements have to be delivered on time and with the assurance to be precise. Thanks to these figures, you will be able to take the decisions about the future of your company, to invest or validate – and if necessary adapt – your past decisions.

Our accountants are experienced in both the accounting technique and in the IT tools. They can work efficiently, on site or remotely, together with your accounting department. Our role goes from advices for the introduction of new methods or software, to the full delegation of your accounting and financial reportings – in which case you can, if you want, have a remote access to your data.

You concentrate on your productivity and your competition, and we provide you with the tools and figures for you to achieve success.

Payroll and HR administration

Salaries are not a burden anymore: we take them over !

For many companies, the payroll management is a heavy and complicated task, that takes too much time to be handled in-house to ensure that the employees receive their salary on time and with the assurance of flawless figures.

On top, the necessity to be always informed of the last changes in social security, contributions and taxes is a must. We offer you therefore a full and confidential payroll service, with the assurance that our specialists will apply all novelties or specialities to the payroll of your company. The monthly salary statements, the payment files, the monthly/quarterly/yearly statements of social charges, withholding tax, and the salary certificates will be filled and filed correctly and quickly. Our staff, thanks to their knowledge in accounting, can also prepare the book entries related with salaries including the employer charges.

We can be in charge of the administrative management of your personnel, which will enable you to concentrate on the high-level HR management and the motivation of your teams.

If your wish, we will gladly advise you on questions related to social security at the national or cross-border level, on salary simulations for new hires or transfers, as well as the development of expense and benefit in kind regulations, as well as any incentive and shares/options plans for the employees.

Management consulting

Design and implement changes, for your success !

For certain projects needing specific technical knowledge or an external advice on your structure, or simply because you are absorbed by running and developing your business, the use of an external consultant is appropriate.

This is where our experts will help you to find adequate solutions. We offer advices in following areas:

  • Complexity and cost reduction, process improvement
  • Growth management and acceleration, reorientation of sales, international opening
  • Structure and strategy
  • Planning and implementation of mergers, demergers, transformations and asset transfers, support for the integration of acquisitions
  • Digital transformation of your company
  • Setting up, follow-up and development of controlling tools, in particular the implementation of an internal control system
  • Organisation or reorganisation of your accounting
  • Risk assessment and risk management

Corporate finance & services

Our team at your service during the whole lifecycle of your company !

Corporate Finance, including establishing business plans, the review of treasury and financing plans, provisional budgets, business valuations as well as Due Diligences – on the vendor’s as well as on the buyer’s side: we can help you.

With 22 years of experience in helping our substantial portfolio of clients, focused on  start-ups, industrial and service companies, we are able to support you efficiently during the any M&A process.
Our specialists are also Court experts – on demand.

Trust and confidentiality: our specialists are receptive to your needs and at your service for the life span of your company (Corporate Services):

  • For the creation of your company and its domiciliation in our offices;
  • For its management as board members or presidents, as single members or within a collegial board;
  • For the dissolution: as liquidators.
  • Our team can also take care of the administration of your company: paper & email handling, full secretariat services.
  • Precision: we accept nominations only for active companies, namely for activities not subject to MLA.

Private advisory

A customized advice based on a trustworthy and confidential relationship !

The protection of your private assets is a duty, whether you earned them with your own entrepreneurial activity or developed after having received them from previous generations.

Each case is different and we will be careful to your desires and needs, then – after the implementation of ad-hoc solutions – our team will accompany you at all times. The solutions, contracts, wills and chosen structures will be perennial, will comply with the requested transparency requested from the States involved (current digital evolution), but will always respect the necessary confidentiality for the protection of your private matters. We offer our advice in the following areas, if necessary in cooperation with reliable notaries, bankers and lawyers in Switzerland and abroad:

  • Protection of your private assets, in particular through the implementation of perennial Swiss and international structures
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Family Office services, management & administration of family affairs
  • Accounting of inheritances
  • Administration and accounting of trusts and family foundations
  • Analysis and optimisation of the industrial, financial and property estate management
  • Transmission of the family business